You’ve got to cook and clean. Do the washing, do push-ups. Iron clothes and iron your hair. Tan and contour. Go on vacations and work. Go to the gym and to church. Buy presents and buy groceries. Decorate. Be thin, but eat well. Get up at night and look rested in the morning. Scrub your face and have great brows. Be on time and get enough sleep. Breastfeed and bake. Run a marathon and run after your kids. Save money and be spontaneous. Travel. Teach your children manners and learn something new every day. Read a book and watch the news. Plan birthday parties and host dinners. Chase your dreams and chase away the monsters. Catch up with friends and catch a movie. Be a mom, be a wife, be a sister and a friend.


A few weeks ago I caught myself in the middle of a conversation with two fellow moms. We spoke about some of the things that we would like to accomplish this year and one of them said that this year, she would just like to survive. It got me to thinking that this race we’re in, this life we lead isn’t survival of the fittest, it’s merely surviving the next 24 hours. It’s okay dear momma. You don’t have to do the dishes tonight. You also don’t have to be tanned or thin or on time. You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t always have to thrive as long as you survive. When women drop the standard, or better yet, remove them all together, something magical happens; instead of feeling disappointed in all the things you couldn’t do, you start to celebrate the thing you did do.


Instead of putting more and more stuff on your plate and trying to fit everything into one big serving, try having canapes or tapas. You can even try skipping the entire damn meal every now and then! You can only do so much friend. The world doesn’t expect you to do everything right. Even small victories are victories and it’s okay if sometimes, you don’t achieve everything you wanted to.

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