For weeks now, parents and children have been forced to stay at home and most families will have to do this for another few weeks. There are tons of things you can do to keep children busy, but how do you keep a toddler entertained? They can’t draw or build or play independently, so how do you keep them busy? Apart from my child’s obsession with Peppa pig, he hasn’t shown much interest in anything else. During the past few weeks we’ve really tried to utelize the #lockdown period to broaden his horizons.

A few weeks ago, his favorite hobby was eating. But since we’ve been going on daily walks around our complex, he’s started to notice the birds and the bees (literally). Every afternoon, I ask him if he wants to go for a walk and he turns into a toddler version of Usain Bolt and runs to get his own shoes. There really is something special about the innocence of a child, noticing something we’ve probably never even thought of. He stops to smell the flowers (right before putting them in his mouth) and flaps his arms up and down when he sees a bird. He waves goodbye to every car, whether you’re coming or going and he recently heard thunder for the very first time. He admires the nuts and bolts on everything and he’s finally discovered that there is another part of his body, hidden beneath his nappy…

We’ve spent hours following ants up and down and he has a profound fassination with the complex cat. Every time William discovers something new, it feels like I discover it too. When there’s no rush to get out in the morning and no one is tired from a hard day of work, you really get to experience things that are part of every-day life. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve also had our fair share of lazy days and I think those are necessary too. The main thing I’ve learned as a parent and about life in general, is that there is beauty and amazement and wonder in everything around us, you just have to take notice. 
So, I would like to remind you to stop and smell the roses, literally. Children do what we do and when we appreciate the small things, they will too!