Caring for a sick baby? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and exhaustion to prove it!

We try to raise a happy little boy, but like with all children, he too gets sick. So here are my do’s and dont’s for dealing with a sick baby:


DO drink lots and lots of coffee. The four-cups-a-day rule flies right out the window when you have a sick baby in your midst. Drink as much caffeine as you need to get through the day. I would strongly recommend that you invest in a husband that makes good coffee, if not, invest in an automatic coffee machine instead.


DON’T expect to get a full nights rest. Even if (and that’s a big ‘if’) your baby does sleep well when they’re sick, you probably won’t because you’ll worry too much. My momstict is on full alert when William is sick and I’m up almost every hour during the night, whether he’s awake or not. I check his temperature with my favourite possession on earth: my Braun ear thermometer. This is sad, I know.

DO rely on medication. Yes, your bub probably can get well without it, but why not help him if you can? Obviously you should always speak to your paediatrician and I’m still nervous about giving OTC medications to my baby, but Panado has literally been my saving grace in the last year. I also have a soft spot for Empaped suppositories and you know you’ve made it as a mom when you feel proud of the fact that you give excellent enemas. 


DON’T think that it will last forever. I am so guilty of this. When I have a bad day, I’m quick to think that I have a bad life, which is not the case. Step away from the crying, fussy baby and get some perspective. Your baby has a bad day, you don’t have a bad baby. I always try and think a week ahead and imagine how everything is back to normal and that usually gives me some encouragement and hope to make it through the tough times.

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