It’s always been my motto that when you get the chance to travel, you should make it worth your while. When we go on holiday we try and do at least one spectacular thing that either cost us quite a bit of money or quite a bit of courage (or both).

Because I’m such regular Cape Town visitor, I was ashamed when someone asked me if I had ever climbed Table Mountain. I shook my head and before I could answer, my adrenaline junkie husband had quickly decided that we would do it the next morning. We drove from Strand to Cape Town early the next morning and I felt excited about the scenic views and couple bonding that I thought we would have on the climb. I was so excited and chatted all the way there. I was hike-ready and was shocked to see the number of people finishing their climb as we started ours.

The climb started off very mild but quickly had me out of breath and out of water. I’m married to a professional athlete who didn’t mind the steep steps, lose ground and overall difficult climb. We had barely walked one kilometre when I started heaving from lack of oxygen and lack of fitness. I was so out of breath that I couldn’t string a sentence together and I spoke in very short, undistinguishable words. it later turned into a very quiet climb as I was trying to conserve my energy. There were shortcuts that sounded appealing until I realised that I would have to scaffold along steep ridges, pulling my hefty body upwards with chains. I tried one shortcut and then decided that I would much rather take the long, scenic route-much to my husband’s dismay.

The sun beat down on us and we very soon realised that this climb should be started even before the sun rises. We made it to the very top… okay, I made it to the semi-top. There was another pull-yourself-up-with-these-unreliable-chains-route that simple didn’t appeal to me. I was tired and battered and cranky. It was way past my usual breakfast time and even further away from the number of daily calories I would like to burn. As you can see from the extremely flattering photos I wasn’t the happiest person in the world, but in the end, it was worth every drop of sweat and complaint. I can now very proudly say that I have actually climbed Table Mountain, just like a native Capetonian. I have however decided that the only thing I will willingly climb in future, is the financial ladder.

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  1. Very well written and informative. It opens a view on the life behind “the life”. Looking forward to future pieces.

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