After the extreme lockdown restrictions that we’ve had to endure in the last couple of months, we jump at the opportunity to get out and see new things. We’ve been wanting to visit St Francis Bay for a while now and this week, we impulsively decided to make the drive and see the small town.


It’s a scenic drive from Port Elizabeth to St Francis and it reminded me how lucky we are to live in such lush surroundings after growing up in the dry Free State. There are plenty of wind farms along the way and it’s amazing to see how big one turbine is up close. The weather was windy and cold, but tolerable.

We drove past hundreds of white houses with black rooftops. It’s extremely appealing to the perfectionist’s eyes to see the symmetry and uniform houses, some of which are spectacular by the way.This picturesque village is built around a canal system and the black and white uniformity continues all the way to Port St Francis and Santareme. It’s also a shopper and homemaker’s paradise and it caters for golf lovers and surfers alike. Because we are active people ourselves, we found it appealing that everyone else in St Francis seems to be active too. Everywhere we looked, we saw people running, cycling, walking or boating. I’m assuming that the rest of the locals were on the golf course.

We stopped at The Bakery and got a fresh cup of coffee and warm croissants. We spent a few hours driving around the narrow streets, crossing over canals and looking at houses. This is something we love doing ever since we met. We drive around, looking at properties and discussing what we like and dislike. For people who are interested in the property market, this is one of our favourite pass times. It’s especially enjoyable if your baby is silently sleeping in the back.


We got out and walked around on one of the empty jetty’s, showing William the boats passing by and the plenty of birds in the palms above us. Even on a cold and cloudy day, the water boasts with an almost turquoise colour that becomes even brighter when the sun peeks through the clouds.

A few years ago, I ate lunch with a friend at a restaurant overlooking one of the canals. I had to use my trusty Google Maps to find it again, but it was worth it. We ate lunch at Big Time Taverna and we found the food and service extremely good. When in Rome, do as the Romans, so we both enjoyed some sea food. We had to eat our meals separately because the other person was running around after William.


After lunch, we walked along Oyster Bay and tried to tire our baby out. There were plenty of surfers and even a few brave sunbathers. Some people were merely taking in the view and we saw one other family running after their toddler too. We love discovering places that are hidden in our own back yard. All-in-all, it was a great day spent in St Francis Bay. A must for any Eastern Cape citizen!