We’ve slept with it, flown with it and strolled with it. Our Noola Elite has been our life saver and probably our smartest baby buy. When we first started looking for a pram, friends of ours had a Noola, so we were familiar with the brand. We did a lot of research about other brands and came back to Noola every single time. Noola gave us ‘the most pram for the least amount of money’. If you haven’t checked lately, the baby business is an expensive business and it’s not getting any cheaper. You can find prams ranging from R20 000 to R2000, depending on what you’re looking for. We wanted something that we could use for a long time and something that was versatile. I wanted a pram that looked nice and Jacques wanted a pram that we could go walking with on practically any terrain. The nifty Elite gave us a 3-in-1 experience that is hard to beat.


The first night William and I slept at home after leaving the hospital, none of us slept more than an hour. I had put him in the camp cot beside by bed and he just wouldn’t stop fussing. The next morning, I was exhausted and the same friend that introduced us to Noola, came over. She suggested that I put William in the bassinet, clip it into the pram and then tilt it upwards. She rolled up some towels and put it either side of his little body. That night, William slept through the night. And for three months, he slept in the pram, right next to our bed. When we went out somewhere, we would let him fall asleep in the car chair and then just clip the car seat onto the pram. He absolutely loved his car chair and we used it until he physically got too big for it. We then switched over to the bassinet/toddler seat. When he is asleep, we unclip the buckles and he can lie flat in his bassinet. As he got bigger, we used the same bassinet to transform our ‘new born stroller’ into a ‘toddler stroller’.  


William is a very good sleeper but he refuses to take naps during the day if he’s not napping in his Noola. We’ve tried putting him in the cot for his naps, but why fix something that isn’t broken? He is just so comfortable in his pram that I’ve accepted it as part of his routine. It also means that he can take his naps anywhere, because his napping place is portable. We started using our Noola when William was two days old and we haven’t stopped. It’s simply that good. 

Do yourself a favour and visit www.noola.co.za for your next best baby buy.