I had a magical Mother’s Day! I know that officially, Mother’s Day is only on Sunday, but I celebrated Mother’s Day in the most perfect way: alone. I went to the mall, went shopping, had a coffee and drove around. I enjoyed all the things I can never do and it was magical. I went for an early run and then enjoyed a very childless, and therefore very peaceful afternoon all by myself. 

It might sound harsh to the untrained ear (and by this I mean people without small children), but lest we forget that 364 days of the year, mothers spend every waking minute with their children. 

I absolutely adore the usual surprise breakfast in bed and cute Mother’s Day card made from macaroni. But after pretending that you were asleep while dad and baby destroy your kitchen, you have to get up and clean up the mess. You still have to pick up your baby forty times a day and feed it. Even if you have the most helpful husband in the world (which I do), I feel too guilty to put my feet up and drink some tea while my helpful husband tries to run the household while running after the baby too. It’s in our instinct to jump in and help. Some of us even take control instinctively and at the end of the day, it’s just a normal day. 

So I found the perfect solution. I removed myself from the situation and spoilt myself as much as I possibly could, while wearing a facemask and constantly sanitizing my hands. 

Now that I’m a mother myself, I wish I had thought of given my own mom the same gift I gave myself and STILL spoiling her on Mother’s day. You absolutely do not have to feel guilty for wanting alone time and treating yourself to some TLC that you so freely give away to your children. 

Mother’s Day is not supposed to be about the gifts (although one can never have enough of those) or about pretending that the world revolves around yourself for 24 hours. It’s about mothers and making them feel worthy and appreciated and special, even if that means celebrating it a few days earlier all by yourself. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all new moms, old moms, soon-to-be-moms and grandmothers. We appreciate you more than you will ever know!

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  1. Toe ons kinders was, het my ma elke jaar op haar eie vir ‘n week gaan vakansie hou. Kom nooit verstaan hoekom nie. Noudat ek my eie dogtertjie het? verstaan ek heeltemal hoekom sy dit gedoen het. ‘n Mamma kort verseker tyd op haar eie.

    Dankie vir “a quiet life” altyd opgewonde oor wat jy volgende gaan skryf.

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