I’ve never been known to be particularly optimistic, but I’ve decided not to complain about lockdown. It might seem far away, but there WILL be life after lockdown. As the world finds itself in unknown territory, so do many of us. A while back, none of us could’ve envisioned spending months locked in our homes with our families so it might seem hard to imagine life after lockdown right now. But lockdown will end, and these are the things that I look forward to when it does:


My domestic worker

I’ve never taken help in the house for granted, but I now have new respect and admiration for the ladies that help us clean our houses. How is it possible that they can do the washing, iron, clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the floors and do the dishes in just a few hours when it takes me days to just clean my kitchen?


Coffee shops

We’ve tried and tried but we simply cannot recreate Seattle coffee. It just doesn’t feel right if you drink a cappuccino out of one of your own mugs and not a disposable paper one that burns your hand and spills everywhere.


The beach

People that live in the Free State or Gauteng won’t understand this, but you get used to living near the ocean. You take it for granted and it becomes part of the background after a while. Now, I will never again say “no” to going to the beach again. It’s so frustrating having all your steel stuff rust, your sugar become damp and your clothes stay wet for days because you live so close to the sea, but you can’t see, feel or hear the ocean.



We’ve regularly stayed at home to watch church on TV when we’ve had a difficult night with William, but now that we’re forced to do church on TV it just doesn’t feel the same. I’m thankful that technology can help us connect with our churches, but nothing beats the real thing and I can’t wait to get back in the physical house of God.


Hugs and handshakes

After this pandemic ends I will hug everyone I know. There’s nothing like hugging a friend goodbye or saying thank you with a big bear hug. I’m also finding it difficult to display my pretend-professionalism without a strong, firm handshake.


Stay positive, stay safe and stay home everyone; this too shall pass.