I am by no means a beauty expert, but I do know a good product when I see one. I’ve always been very diligent with my skincare regime thanks to my gran who, at the ripe old age of 81 has never gone to bed without removing her makeup first. I’ve scrubbed and cleansed and toned and moisturised but thanks to Enozo Skincare, my extremely tedious skincare routine has been simplified.

Simply put, Enozo means ozone, or activated oxygen (O3) and it’s also the prime active ingredient in all their products. Among many other things, Activated Oxygen reduces visible scarring, cleans and sterilizes the epidermis, assists in the stimulation of skin cell growth and potentially reduces the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles (which is a bonus if you’ve got kids).

Enozo kindly gifted me a box full of their goodies and I’ve already tried them all. The products contain ozone, essential oils, tea extracts and butters, all balanced out to provide hydration and protection. In the past few weeks I’ve seen a dramatic change in the appearance of my skin. I’ve even tried the Olive Activated Oxygen Gel on my husband’s dried and cracked skin when he returned from an overseas tour. He had dark pigmentation spots all over his forehead and within a matter of days there was a huge improvement.

For the last few weeks I’ve been using the gentle cleansing facewash and the Eco Day and Night cream. I just add a little SPF and I’m good to go. They also have an Essential Day and Night cream which is an enhanced version of the Eco range.

Moms and wives don’t have the time, energy (or budget) to visit a spa on a regular basis. But from the very first time I used Enozo, I could actually smell a spa. If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck, chances are you’re dealing with a duck. And that’s exactly what Enozo has delivered- a spa quality, budget and eco-friendly product that promises results and then delivers on that promise. Visit their website now to order your own products today!


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