If you can make me laugh, you can probably make me do anything. My husband knows this all too well and there hasn’t been a day where we haven’t laughed at, or with each other.

He’s a very hands-on dad and we tackle all the parts of parenting together. Just like tennis, you win some and you lose some, but it’s always fun playing.

So, when I asked Jacques to carry William in his baby carrier so that I could shower, I felt at ease knowing that my baby was in good hands. I was almost done when I heard William cry. Any mom knows that babies have different types of cries for different situations. I heard William’s ‘pain cry’ and ran into the kitchen, barely dressed, with conditioner still in my hair.

Jacques had calmed William down by then, but I could see a big red bump on the side of his head. I asked what had happened and Jacques very confidently said that William had ‘just started crying for no reason’. I struggled not to laugh. I asked about the red bump on his temple and I could almost see the quilt oozing out of him. He had opened one of the cupboards against William’s head by accident. I started ranting and raving and went on and on about being a responsible parent. What if he had needed stitches? What if the corner of the cupboard had gone into his eye? “You need to think things through”, I reprimanded Jacques. By the time I was done I could see that he felt horrible, but the bump on William’s head was almost entirely gone.

A few weeks later I took William out of Jacques hands and lifted him above my head while doing my best airplane impression. I heard a thump and then a very loud ‘pain cry’. I had hit his head against the ceiling and although it wasn’t hard, I felt horrible about it. I played it cool and soothed him while avoiding Jacques eyes, although I could feel them burning into my back. When William eventually stopped crying and I had gathered enough courage to face the wrath that is my husband, I was reminded why I had married this specific man. I expected a well-deserved guilt trip, just like the one I had put him on. He looked me full in the eye and without flinching, said, “One all”.

*Only one baby was slightly harmed in the making of this post. He is okay though.



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  1. Such a good read, as William’s grandmother, I have heard that story before. But it was so well written, I laughed and cried all over again!!

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