I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the best week. It’s gone from bad to worse and I can honestly say that I’m super glad it’s over. 

Our bub has been sick since last week and the doc and I decided not to give him antibiotics. His cough got worse and worse and I slept less and less. I finally asked the doc to prescribe some antibiotics and now I have to wrestle my one year old two to three times a day or as needed. He hates taking medicine and he lets our neighbours know that every time I try to give him anything. 

In the meantime, the Corona virus has set its sights on SA and I hate to say it, but I told you so. On Jacques last tour I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to return and I was worried that no one in SA seemed worried enough. And I can’t find hand sanitizer anywhere in the eastern cape (donations welcome). Loadshedding has returned in all its glory and it’s always nice to realise this when you are busy blowing drying your hair. it makes a bad week worse when you have to think about it in the dark.

Jacques has been nursing an injury so I’m constantly handing out anti-inflammatories and pickup up ice packs around the house. Because of the worldwide epidemic, the Pro-14 tournament has been suspended and I also had to nurse a disappointed husband.

The scale says I haven’t gained weight but tighter jeans and the small collection of empty condensed milk tins tell a different story. The gym hasn’t seen me in a month of Sundays and they’ll probably think I’m lost when I finally start going again. 

I’ve also been busy planning a busy bee birthday party for a little guy who doesn’t even know what a birthday is. Is a bee yellow with black stripes or black with yellow stripes? Do I need to have a cake for a cake smash and another one for the guests? Do you need party favours for a 1st birthday party and am I overthinking this?

All in all, not the best week but I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who hasn’t got it all figured out. I always remind myself that somewhere out there, there’s someone who is part of a pyramid scheme, convinced that they are a small business owner.  I immediately feel better and I hope do too.


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  1. Yes two cakes . Party pack you can but of they small no dont bother . Take it one day at a time cuz . And send me a whatsapp with postal address and I send some hand sanitizer.

  2. Yes, take it one day at a time. Next week this time there will be family members to take the load off. I will bring some hand sanitizer as well.

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