When I think of Mauritius, I think of honeymoon. Just the thought of white sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters, exquisite food and friendly people makes me feel like I’m on holiday all over again.

We stayed in the North of Mauritius in the district of Rivière du Rempart in Grand Baie (Grand Bay). This seaside village boasts with quite a few beautiful beaches and is known for its night-life and shopping.

Because of the delicious local Mauritian rum, I would advise you to definitely pay a bit extra and go for the all-inclusive package at your hotel. The alcoholic beverages can quickly become an expensive luxury if you have to pay for it separately. We arrived early for breakfast every morning and usually stayed a whole hour or two. At night we dressed for dinner and sat around our dinner table for hours, playing cards and/or indulging in the many cocktails. We really tried to get our money’s worth regarding the meals and according to my much tighter jeans when I returned, we succeeded.

After breakfast we usually walked the one kilometre along the beach to the city centre to explore the different clothing, coffee and gift shops. After that we returned to our hotel for lunch and spent the afternoon lounging around the pool or taking in the spectacular views from the beach front.

The Grand Baie region has moderate swimming weather all year around and we even enjoyed late afternoon swims in what the Mauritians call their ‘winter’.

There are a number of activities to choose from, whether it’s independent from your hotel or part of your package.  I tried SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) for the first time and we went snorkelling in the shallow, clear waters.

Like with any good holiday, Jacques and I did one extravagant activity. There are so many to choose from: An all-day Catamaran tour, glass-bottom boat tours, scuba diving, walking tours of the island and beach hopping tours. In the end we opted for an undersea walk just off the coast of Grand Baie. The undersea walk is one of the most unique activities to do in Mauritius and it definitely did not disappoint. It gave me the opportunity to observe the marine life and explore the ocean floor without even getting my ever-frizzing hair wet. The dive is about three metres deep and even an inexperienced swimmer would enjoy this excursion. Also, it made for really great photos and it’s one of those special memories I conjure up when it seems like the December holidays are just too far away.

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  1. Very well written. It’s as if your idyllic and picturesque description of Grand Baie, placed the readers right at the scene. Well done. ❤

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