Seeing as August is Women’s Month, I thought I’d jump ahead of the curve and do a special Women’s Month post before your feed gets flooded with the rest of it.


I consider myself a feminist. Here’s why: Feminism allows people to look at the world not as it is, but how it could be. I also think it’s an extremely personal matter and not one that you should feel obliged to share with the world every second of every day. Of course, if you want to voice your opinion on the matter, I think it should be with caution. It’s extremely important that discussions around equality and specifically pertaining to gender equality, take place. But it shouldn’t only be a discussion.


Just like with anything else of value in this world, there needs to be ground work, a foundation; someone needs to do the job instead of just complaining about the fair compensation afterwards. A lot of time and effort has gone into raising awareness about women’s rights, fair compensation and all-around equality. But many of us have missed step two. The step that follows the discussion part. The step that follows the talking part. The get-down-to-it, take-it-for-ourselves-, physically-working part.


Many feminists spend so much time trying to convince the world to hand over equality and fair pay instead of just taking what rightfully belongs to them and all women for that matter.

Feminism is equality. That does not mean that every woman should become CEO or that I want to burn my bra or that I hate men. It simply means that when women do the same work as men (and in some cases even more), that they should receive the same amount of compensation.


It means that we don’t have to just focus on running a household and being a wife and birthing children. It means that we are still able to do all of those things and then allow all of it to work together for our good and in our favour in a corporate career. Your motherly instincts and empathy for others can only aid you in your career. It does not make you weak or emotional or lesser than. It makes you strong and mature and better than.


With all that being said, during South Africa’s upcoming Women’s Month I would like to encourage you to not play the victim card. Play the strong, independent woman card. Play the gracious card. Play the wise card. Play the patience card. Play the perseverance card. Instead of playing the victim, play the victor.

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