I love talking about relationships, dating, friendships, marriage and pregnancy- and this post includes all of it. When Jacques and I got engaged, I knew that I wanted a wedding photographer that would become part of our story. I did not want to be just another client and I definitely did not see our photographer as just another wedding service or something to check off the to-do list. I have always loved photography and I thought it was because I enjoyed seeing the best side of myself and my family on film. I have however come to the realisation that I actually love being behind the camera as well.

So when I spoke to Landi from Organictales, way back when I was thin, unmarried and childless, I knew that she would be the person that would be part of this journey. Fast forward a few years down the line and she’s documented (rather splendidly) our engagement, wedding (the big one), my pregnancy and recently our small family too. I kind of forced her to take our latest photos because I simply could not let the opportunity slip by to create a perfect quartet of memories. This might be because I am slightly OCD about things, but it’s also because I admire the work that this girl does with each and every photo.


Seeing these four images next to each other actually gave me a great sense of achievement. In between each photo a lot of things happened and some things didn’t happen, but somehow the next photo was possible. It proves that God’s way is always the right way even if we don’t understand it. It also proves that Landi has superior editing skills because I somehow look like I haven’t aged at all.

I might be a little bigger (particularly around the middle), but the woman in the last photo is so much braver and wiser and kinder than the one in the first. She has an improved skillset, tremendous amounts of patience and an even greater amount of coffee within her. She’s gained friends and lost too many to count. She’s felt happiness and sadness and everything in between. She’s laughed and cried and cried while laughing. She’s drifted from God, but she’s always found her way back again. She’s more in love in the last photo that she is in the first. She’s gone from never wanting to be alone to taking up running to try and be alone. She’s moved three times and even had two surgeries in between. She’s gone from a teacher to an editor to a writer and a blogger. She’s become a mother and a wife. The girl in the first photo was convinced that the sky is the limit. The woman in the last photo knows that there are none.



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